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Our Mission

Our Mission

St. Francis StatueDiversity, Equity and Inclusion is not a new concept to us, although this formalized effort is a product of now, this unique time and place in history.

DEI has always been here, in our mission and in the hearts of our Sisters, and it’s a part of the lifeblood of our health system. Our Catholic identity and mission are foundational to our work to operationalize DEI, and Catholic Social Teachings is rooted in Jesus’ invitation to “Love your neighbor.” These values have been part of our organization since its founding by immigrant missionaries from France, more than 110 years ago. Conceptually our ministry goes back even farther to the healing ministry of Christ. Our Sisters have continued this link from Jesus to St. Francis and St. Clare in the chain to our team members doing the work today—healing, uniting and seeking justice. We are working to build and strengthen relationships through stories, which can heal and change hearts, ultimate goals for our DEI efforts. Our organizational culture of inclusion and belonging sets up our team members for success as we work together to create a Spirit of Healing. Diverse groups’ productivity can increase, and our team members are more easily able to reach their God-given potential and professional goals because of our mission and focus on love, joy, humility and justice. We always remember that behind all our demographics and data are God’s people, especially those most in need, and that all of us are made in God’s own image and likeness.

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System Mission Statement

Inspired by the vision of St. Francis of Assisi and in the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church, we extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to God’s people, especially those most in need.

We call forth all who serve in this healthcare ministry to share their gifts and talents, to create a Spirit of Healing—with reverence and love for all of life, with joyfulness of spirit, and with humility and justice for all those entrusted to our care.

We are, with God’s help, a healing and spiritual presence for each other and for the communities we are privileged to serve.

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Imago Dei

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