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Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital NICU

The Newton & Betsy Thomas Family Center for Newborn & Infant Intensive Care

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is home to our health system’s newest NICU, which includes a surgical NICU with 11 beds in 10 private rooms, promoting a family-centered environment.

While the unit has expertise in caring for premature infants, by design, the strength of the unit is caring for newborns and infants needing dedicated care by rare pediatric specialists, and neonates with surgical needs.

Because the NICU at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital is not incorporated in a delivery center, most babies will arrive via transport. Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital’s NICU is located on the 4th floor near the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). With 30 beds, it’s one of the only PICUs in Louisiana staffed 24-7 by Fellowship-trained critical care specialists.

The NICU and PICU work in harmony with the hospital’s emergency department, which is the region’s only 24/7 pediatric ER, as well as our Level II pediatric trauma program.

Safe and Swift Transportation

Our NICUs are all supported by highly-trained pediatric transport teams, who are trained and equipped to safely transport newborns to our NICUs for care, either by Air Med helicopter or ambulance. Our specially trained and certified teams include the pediatric and neonatal intensive care teams.

Available 24/7, the teams include pediatric and neonatal intensive care nurses and respiratory therapists, who administer critical care upon arrival, stabilizing the patient and providing transport to the appropriate care center. Each team is in constant contact with either a pediatric intensivist or neonatologist, who oversees and guides care from the moment our teams arrive. The teams are certified, trained and equipped to handle the most critical transports state-wide, including options for whole-body cooling, high-frequency ventilation and inhaled nitric oxide.

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