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Specialists in Genetic Evaluation, Testing and Counseling

The field of genetics is concerned with genes, heredity and variation within our DNA. Across our health system, our genetic services providers with the molecular structure and function of genes, gene behavior, patterns of inheritance from parent to child, gene distribution, variation and change in populations.

Inside the body’s cells are tiny structures called chromosomes, which are made up of DNA. Along each chromosome are specific segments of DNA called genes. Our genes are the blueprints for our bodies, telling our bodies how to work. Each gene contains different information about the body’s traits and functions. Some of our genes are responsible for our physical traits, such as eye color and height. In addition, our genes play a role in our health and predisposition to disease. We provide genetic evaluation, testing and counseling for patients and families with a wide variety of concerns.

Strength in Knowing: Early Detection is Key to Saving Lives and Living Longer

Genetic testing is rapidly evolving, including the introduction and use of multigene panels. These panels or tests may identify 40% to 50% more individuals with hereditary cancer gene mutations than older testing.

Who Should Get Genetic Testing?

Based on National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines, you should consider genetic testing if you or a first or second-degree blood relative* have any of the following:

  • One first or second-degree relative diagnosed with ovarian cancer
  • Two cancers on the same side of the family, one diagnosed in an individual under age 50
  • Three cancers on the same side of the family, diagnosed in persons of any age
  • On first or second-degree relative diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer at or under age 60
  • Three relatives on the same side of the family with any combination of breast, ovarian, pancreatic or prostate cancer
  • Known BRCA mutation within the family
  • Breast or ovarian cancer and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry

*A first-degree relative is a person’s parent, sibling or child. A second-degree relative is defined as someone’s grandparent, aunt or uncle.

An adult cancer genetic risk assessment includes an initial consult with a trained nurse practitioner that covers an in-depth personal history and family history with pedigree followed by appropriate physician referral for testing and evaluation.

Knowing your genetic risk may change the way you will be screened for cancers, such as high-definition breast MRI  (magnetic resource imaging), a valuable tool in the diagnosis of breast cancer, especially in high-risk patients.

Genetic Care Locations Near You

Pediatric Specialists in Genetic Evaluation, Testing and Counseling

Genetic disorders can be difficult to diagnose and manage. At Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health, our pediatric genetic services providers work to identify these disorders in children as early as possible to make sure parents have the information and support you need. Our genetic specialists have extensive clinical experience with how diseases, birth defects and other health problems can be inherited through genes.

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health Genetic Services provides genetic evaluation, testing and counseling for patients and families with a wide variety of concerns. These genetic services are available for adults in the same office, providing exceptionally convenient care for the entire family.

If you are a new patient, please download the new patient form. Print, complete and bring with you on your first visit.

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Specialized Care for Genetic Services

Common reasons for evaluation by genetic services for children or adults include personal or family history of the following:


Use genealogy to better understand your overall risk for developing disease.

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