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Hearing and Balance

Restoring and Retaining Equilibrium

Dizziness is among the most common reasons for visits to a primary care provider. It includes light-headedness, faintness, disorientation and more. Our health system offers comprehensive services devoted specifically to restoring and maintaining the function of hearing, balance and equilibrium (vestibular) systems.

Through a multidisciplinary approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of hearing and balance issues, we provide an academically based, cost-effective, thorough level of care that benefits patients and referring physicians, and Our Lady of the Lake Hearing & Balance Center is one of the few facilities in the country to concentrate on this specialty. Equipped with the latest diagnostic tests, treatments and research, our number-one priority is to improve our patients' hearing.

Individuals may refer themselves or be referred by their primary care physician or specialist. Most major insurance plans are accepted.

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Hearing and Balance Tests and Diagnosis

Although patients who suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ears) can present a challenge to the medical profession, new technological and medical advances allow many patients to be successfully evaluated and treated.

Our health system can offer a broad array of diagnostic hearing tests, including:

We also provide a comprehensive evaluation of patients with dizziness, loss of balance and equilibrium disorders using a variety of up-to-date techniques, including:

We offer telemedicine consultations that integrate onsite testing and evaluation with real-time, offsite diagnostic interpretations and treatments for complex hearing and balance disorders. Special features of this evaluation include: