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Hospital Medicine

What's the Purpose of Hospital Medicine?

Hospital medicine specialists, or hospitalists, handle the comprehensive medical care of hospitalized patients who are acutely ill. Hospitalists work closely with your primary care physician to coordinate your care within the hospital setting.

By focusing their expertise on inpatients, hospitalists are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat illnesses hospitalized patients commonly face. They work closely with nurses, specialists, hospital staff and a patient’s own primary care provider, providing timely information to you and your family, personal service and a smooth care experience.

What Should I Expect?

Like any other doctor, a hospitalist will visit you daily to monitor progress and answer questions. If concerns arise between visits, your nurse will contact the hospitalist team. At discharge, your hospitalist will explain your home care plan and prescribe any necessary medications. The hospitalist will schedule a follow-up visit with your primary doctor, sending a detailed report with test results.

Benefits of Hospitalists

Hospitalists enhance communication with other specialists and service departments, such as lab and radiology, while keeping your primary doctor in the loop. They respond quickly to changes in condition or to new test results – adjusting your care plan on the spot. They can also help with wait time for tests, results and consultations – often speeding your recovery and shortening your hospital stay.

Hospital Medicine and Children’s Health

Pediatric hospitalists specialize in caring for hospitalized infants, children and teenagers. Our goal is to help your child return to good health and transfer their care back to your pediatrician following hospitalization. We have services available at three hospitals within our children’s health network: Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s & Children’s Hospital in Lafayette and St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe.

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