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The Flu Stops With You

This time of year can be hectic enough on its own. Avoid the flu and help protect the ones you love by getting a flu shot today.

Tis the season for getting your flu vaccine. It’s about protecting yourself from getting seriously sick or even just the inconvenience of having to take sick days from work. But getting the flu shot is bigger than just your health. It’s about doing your part to help stop the spread and protect those you love.

All primary care clinics are administering flu shots to their established patients. At your next appointment, ask the clinic staff about receiving your flu shot!

Flu Vaccine Locations

Locations that administer the flu vaccine are listed below:

Established patients can use the power of MyChart to schedule and connect with your provider.

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Protect Yourself from the Flu

Check out these resources on fighting the spread this flu season.

Clean the Flu Out of Your Home

The flu virus can stay on some surfaces for up to 24 hours. Find out which household cleaners are best to keep the virus at bay here.

Flu Season Survival Kit

From over-the-counter meds to other tools to use this fall and winter, learn more here.

Kids and Germs

Teach your kids about how to avoid flu-spreading germs at school and in after-school activities this fall. Read more here.

The Science Behind Flu Vaccines

Learn more about how the flu vaccine works and why it’s different from COVID-19 vaccines. Read on here.