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Pediatric Primary Care

Providing the Best Primary Pediatric Care for Your Kids

Our goal is to make pediatric care easier for you and your child and to work together to create healthy habits that last a lifetime. We provide family-centered, personalized pediatric care for every stage of your child’s life, with the understanding that choosing a pediatrician you are comfortable with and trust is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Pediatric Primary Care

Our health system includes a vast network of pediatricians in many of the regions we serve. Find out more about our services and get connected to a pediatrician near you who can help your child stay healthy.

Doctor’s Visits and Your Kids

Resources for helping your children get into a healthy routine

What Type of Care? It’s Tricky, But We’re Here to Help

Without fail, your child will start coughing or spike a fever at the least opportune time, like a Friday evening after a long week at school or bright-and-early on a holiday morning. It can be hard to know the difference between what can wait and what needs emergency care. Learn how parents can get connected to the right care at the right time.

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Children and Fear of Doctors: How You Can Help

For many children, the prospect of seeing a doctor is a cause for concern. This fear of doctors is common and can stem from a variety of factors, from worries about shots to fear that a medical exam might reveal scary news about a child’s health. We’ve got tips on talking to your children and taking their feelings seriously.

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Help Kids Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can help kids who are overweight, reducing their risk of developing long-term health conditions later. We’ve gathered some tips on lifestyle changes to make together to improve the health of everyone in the family.

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