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Sports Medicine

More than sports. More than medicine.

Our Sports Medicine experts in the Greater Baton Rouge and Acadiana regions can help get you or your child back into an active life. Specializing in surgical and non-surgical treatment of muscle and skeletal injuries, we can help maximize function, minimize disability and reduce time away from work, school or sport.

Beyond muscle and skeletal injuries, we treat mild concussions and diseases which may be worsened by activity such as asthma, diabetes or mononucleosis and provide guidance regarding nutrition, supplements, exercise programs, injury prevention, strength training and conditioning.

Conditions Commonly Treated with Sports Medicine

  • Overuse injuries such as rotator cuff, tendonitis, tendinosis and stress fractures
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee and shoulder injuries
  • Muscle strains
  • Osteoarthritis

Our Sports Medicine Care at Work with LSU

As the Championship Health Partner of LSU, Our Lady of the Lake Health’s physicians and sports medicine specialists are working side by side with athletics staff at LSU to keep student athletes healthy and performing their best on the football field, on the basketball court and beyond.

Sports Medicine Care for Children

Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides exceptional, comprehensive and compassionate care to young patients with injuries or conditions related to bones, joints or muscles. Our providers are some of the most highly regarded orthopedic surgeons in Louisiana, and we work collaboratively with other specialists to create a tailored care plan for your child.

Whether your child needs fracture care or a consult on other orthopedic conditions, such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy, our team of orthopedic and pediatric sports medicine specialists, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and social workers are ready to help.

For recovery after an injury, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health Pediatric Orthopedic & Sports Medicine can get kids back in the game quickly. As Baton Rouge’s first pediatric-specific orthopedic therapy clinic we provide expert care tailored to your child’s unique needs.

Sports Medicine Conditions We Treat in Children:

Sports Medicine and Young Athletes

Understanding the Growing Athlete

One of our physical therapists shares advice on how young athletes can keep themselves healthy and reduce the risk of injury as they grow.

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Avoiding Little League Elbow—An Injury Not Limited to Baseball

Young athletes–especially pitchers–are at risk of injuring their throwing elbow. Learn about Little League Elbow, what coaches and parents of young athletes can do to prevent this type of injury, and what the treatment options are.

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Kid Strength Training: Weight or Wait?

Strength training is common for adults who want to get physically fit, but is it right for young athletes? Here are some ways children and adolescents can safely add weight training to meet their fitness goals.

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Need a Team Physician for Your School or Club Sport?

Our Lady of the Lake can provide the following services:

Our physicians will coordinate care and communicate with other members of the sports medicine team such as athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal physicians, other medical and surgical specialists, student athletes and their families.

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