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Healthcare Needs Happen Around the Clock

Unfortunately, illness or injury can strike at any time — not just when your doctor’s office is open. It’s in those times that you want to know that you are supported by a broad network of locally based urgent care centers.

If you or your child have a non-life-threatening illness or injury, choosing an urgent care center over the emergency room generally will allow you to get treatment faster. In an emergency room, patients with the most severe cases get treated first. That means if you’re waiting for more basic medical care, you could be in for a long wait while others are seen in front of you.

Urgent care centers work more like regular doctor’s offices where patients are seen in the order they arrive, so if you have a minor illness or injury, you’ll likely be seen quicker than you would in the emergency room.

When you choose an urgent care location within or partnered with our health system you can be assured the healthcare providers will have access to your full medical record thanks to MyChart, our shared records system.

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Urgent Care in Louisiana and Mississippi

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Pediatric Urgent Care

Lake After Hours Kids offers pediatric urgent care services to families in the greater Baton Rouge area. Lake Urgent Care is committed to providing quick, convenient, and comprehensive pediatric and adolescent care in a child-friendly environment. Lake Urgent Care/Lake After Hours Kids treats patients ages 3 and up. We’re open from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week!

Lake After Hours Kids

Not all injuries or illnesses require a trip to the ER. Use our quick guide decide.

ER vs Urgent Care vs Primary Care

Still Not Sure Where to Go for Care?

Our online symptom checker is another always-available resource to help you decide what type of care you may need.

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