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Our Lady of Lourdes Burn Center

Our Lady of Lourdes Health offers southwest Louisiana’s only burn center. Our Specialized Burn Center provides patients with multidisciplinary care from initial admission through discharge.We administer comprehensive burn treatment—from life-threatening injuries, including chemical and electrical burns to less serious wounds that may be caused by fire, steam or hot liquids.

Our state-of-the-art facility features six inpatient beds that also function as intensive care rooms, an operating room specially designed to treat burn patients and an outpatient clinic. Our collaborative team of physicians, burn surgeons, nurses, therapists and social workers are experts in comprehensive burn care and work together to provide the highest level of compassionate care for both pediatric and adult patients.

Helpful Information About Our Burn Unit Services

  • Appointments and Referrals

    Patients: Call (337) 470-BURN(2876) to speak to a burn nurse. After a verbal assessment, you’ll make an appointment for the burn clinic if needed.

    Medical Professionals: Call (337) 470-BURN(2876) to receive information on how to use the Burn Help App and speak to a nurse in the burn center. Transfers to our burn center or clinic appointments will be given while the patient is in your care.

  • When to Call Our Burn Unit

    Most burns are minor injuries caused by hot water, a curling iron, touching a hot stove, etc. But many such burns still require immediate medical attention, even if they may seem minor to prevent infection and threat to surrounding tissue.

    If you suffer any of the following burns, call our burn center:

    • ANY burn to the face, hands, genitalia or major joints—regardless of size.
    • ANY chemical burn.
    • ANY electrical burn.

    When in doubt, call us at (337) 470-BURN(2876).

  • Outpatient Burn Care

    Even the most seemingly minor burns that might not require hospitalization often should receive specialized care to avoid medical complications. That's why we offer outpatient care, which includes a multifaceted approach to ensure healing in the shortest possible time frame. Our outpatient team provides detailed information designed to help patients and their families understand and properly care for their injuries. If you have sustained a burn injury that does not require urgent care or an emergency department visit, please call to schedule an appointment at (337) 470-BURN(2876).

  • Inpatient Burn Care

    Lourdes brings specialized burn treatment services to the people of Acadiana as part of our commitment to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. Providing these services close to home reduces the hardship on patients and their families by eliminating the need to travel long distances. Located on the sixth floor of the hospital, our burn center offers many services, including a six-bed intensive care unit equipped to handle the most severe burns, dedicated surgical suites for procedures, same day surgery, hyperbaric therapy unit, hydrotherapy suite and ground heliport to quickly transfer patients from surrounding communities.

    Our highly skilled physicians and dedicated burn unit nurses have been rigorously trained in the delicate art of burn treatment. As a result, our team includes some of the most skilled and experienced surgeons and healthcare professionals in Louisiana.

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4801 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy, Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center, 6th floor, Lafayette LA 70508

Clinic hours for outpatient care: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - noon

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Verified Burn Center Experts

Why does it matter that we are a verified burn center? The American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons designed a rigorous review program that ensures verified centers offer the best care for their patients. This includes the whole patient experience from the time of injury through rehabilitation.

It also means we meet the highest quality of care available because we meet these high quality standards. The standards are for personnel qualifications, facilities resources, organizational structure, and medical care services.

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