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Notification of Emergency Department Patient

(601) 200-2777 phone
(601) 200-5444 fax

 For FMOLHS and St. Dominic-affiliated clinics/providers as well as unaffiliated providers/clinics, please refer to the process below to alert the St. Dominic's Emergency Department of local patients coming from home, a clinic or by ambulance.


Notify the ED of an Incoming Patient

Please take the following steps to notify the Emergency Department that a patient is coming to the ED.

  • Update Medical Record
    Include your thoughts on diagnosis or progress in patient medical record.
  • Call (601) 200-2777 and ask the PACS team to transfer you to the triage nurse.
    Be prepared to share some basic information about your patient. The information will then be placed on a “Track board” so all providers in the ED see who is expected.

This is the best way to engage the ED. Calling directly will not assure information will be passed on to the treating provider.

This process is estimated to take < 5 minutes.



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