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Intensive Care

Innovations in Critical Care

Intensive care units (ICUs) or critical care units, exist within our hospitals to provide specialized care for seriously ill patients. This care includes intensive monitoring and advanced life support.

Across our health system, our ICUs are renowned for their innovation in telemedicine, which allows attending critical care physicians and nurses to monitor and communicate with patients remotely using videoconferencing equipment. The state-of-the-art technology also provides for real-time access to each adult ICU patient’s medical chart and vital signs.

Our Adult Critical Care Units

Patients in our critical care units receive the highest level or most intense care of any section of the hospital, and they are continuously monitored for complications.


Innovations in Pediatric Critical Care

Louisiana families can count on our statewide network of children’s healthcare to provide the highest quality, family-centered urgent and emergent care. We meet the unique needs of children and families during medical emergencies, providing neonatal and pediatric emergency, critical and intensive care at three hospitals in the state.

Our neonatal and pediatric transport teams  are certified, trained and equipped to handle the most critical transports state-wide, including options for whole-body cooling, high-frequency ventilation and inhaled nitric oxide, 24/7.

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Units

NICUs across our health system have experienced, skilled and dedicated teams to treat our smallest and youngest patients.

Our Pediatric Intensive Care Units

Our PICUs are designed and staffed to care for the most critically ill children and provide the most comprehensive pediatric services available.

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