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Comprehensive Stroke Care

Strokes are a leading cause of death and serious long-term disability. If you think you or a loved one is experiencing a stroke, it's important to know the signs and symptoms, act quickly and get the right treatment. A quick response can save lives and reduce the impact a stroke can have.

We are a leader in Louisiana and Mississippi for stroke care, offering 24/7 care for clot retrieval during a stroke. Our highly collaborative, expertly skilled team of clinical professionals is ready to respond and provide evidence-based care at a moment's notice.

Our world-class physicians, nurses and other clinical staff have extensive experience and training providing safe, effective care. We strive to:

  1. Coordinate timely identification and transport of stroke patients to the emergency department.
  2. Deliver timely and accurate diagnosis.
  3. Provide a comprehensive range of interventions and treatments.
  4. Provide a comprehensive range of rehabilitation services.
  5. Provide individual patient and community education on prevention strategies, early identification and appropriate response.

When a Stroke Strikes, BE FAST and Visit the ER

Seconds count when it comes to a stroke, so recognizing symptoms and acting fast are crucial. This simple guide can save lives:

Stroke BE FAST graphic

Prevention and education are pivotal to stroke patients’ recovery. Time is critical during a stroke, so we urge everyone to learn the signs of a stroke and B-E F-A-S-T (Balance, Eyesight, Face, Arm, Speech, Time):

Stroke Warning Signs

Stroke Risk Factors Include:

Do you know your stroke risk?

Lifestyle choices have a major impact on your risk of stroke. This simple online assessment will help you understand your risks as well as steps you can take to stay healthy. And it's free!

In the Greater Baton Rouge area, take our stroke risk assessment here

Risk Assessment

In the Greater Jackson area, take our stroke risk assessment here

Risk Assessment

Tele-Stroke Programs

Our Tele-stroke programs connects our neurologists to patients in our emergency departments and to patients in outlying hospitals’ emergency departments using a telemedicine cart and laptop connections. Neurologists are able to quickly and efficiently provide a diagnosis and best treatment options using the technology.

The level of recovery from strokes is often greatly impacted by what action is taken in the first few hours after a stroke is discovered. With telemedicine, a suspected stroke patient can be seen by a specialist and receive an initial treatment at the community hospital long before they could have been transported directly to our care.


A Stroke, Heart Attack and Extraordinary Care

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