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Our Lady of the Lake Admissions and Discharge

Thank you for choosing Our Lady of the Lake Health for your care. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service from admission to discharge. Below, you will find important information about your surgery and pre-admission at each of our major facilities. This includes instructions on completing the necessary steps to pre-admit to one of our facilities.

  • Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Admission

  • Our Lady of the Lake Ascension Admission

  • Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital Admission


When discharged, patients will need to arrange for transportation home from the hospital. A patient's physician or nurse will provide discharge instructions important to continued recovery including medication information, diet needs, activity limitations, rehabilitation recommendations and time for a follow-up visit.

Please ensure you have all your belongings when leaving the hospital. If you leave an item behind, you may call Our Lady of the Lake Lost and Found in the Security Office at (225) 765-8825 or Our Lady of the Lake Ascension at (225) 647-5000 and ask for the house supervisor.

Patients may receive a questionnaire at home after their stay. Your feedback is important to us.

Patient Safety

We are committed to patient care and safety. This depends on an open and honest communication between patients and providers. Please assist us in our efforts to keep you safe and well cared for.

We ask that patients:

  • Follow doctor's instructions.
  • Always tell the truth and provide full disclosure.
  • Call your nurse if you need assistance.
  • Learn all that you can about your condition.
  • Ask if you do not understand something.

Our commitment to patients:

  • Provide information that you understand to make informed decisions.
  • Answer your questions.
  • Treat you with respect, honesty and compassion.
  • Respect your privacy.
  • Use patient identifiers to ensure safe and effective healthcare delivery.