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St. Dominic's Admissions Information

Thank you for choosing St. Dominic's Health for your care. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service from admission to discharge. Below, you will find important information about your surgery and pre-admission at our hospital. This includes instructions on completing the necessary steps to pre-admit to one of our facilities.

  • Pre-Admission Testing

    Pre-admission testing is an important part of the care you will receive if you are scheduled to have surgery at St. Dominic's Hospital. The pre-admission process is designed to help reduce anxiety that you might be experiencing and to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of your procedure.

    Depending on the type of procedure you are having, your physician may require advanced testing such as EKG, chest X-rays and lab work. The first step in the pre-admission process is to schedule an appointment. Your physician’s office may schedule this on your behalf, or you may call us directly at (601) 200-6737. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please make your appointment as soon as possible after your surgery date is established.

    Please allow up to two hours to complete the pre-admission testing.

    During your pre-admission appointment, we encourage you to ask our staff any questions you might have regarding your upcoming procedure. The following link contains a pre-operative medical history questionnaire. Please feel free to print, fill out, and bring it with you to your pre-admission appointment in order to expedite your pre-admission process.

    Pre-admission Questionnaire

  • Pre-Admission Appointment

    When you arrive for your pre-admission appointment, you will check in at admissions located at the entrance of the north medical mall lobby. There you will meet with an admission representative. After completing the necessary forms, you will then meet with one of our pre-admission nurses to review your medical history and complete any necessary tests.

    You will also be asked about your preference for settling your hospital bill before you are discharged. Our business office professionals will be glad to assist you in determining your options.


  • Finding the Registration Desk

    From the Main Entrance:

    Enter the St. Dominic’s Medical Mall through the right side set of glass sliding doors and the admitting registration desk is on your left.

    From the South Lobby Main Entrance:

    Enter through the South Lobby main entrance where the fountain is located and pass the south information desk. Follow the long hallway on your left.

    Continue down this hall until you come to the north elevators.

    When you get to the north elevators, take a left to enter the Medical Mall.

    Turn left to walk the length of the Medical Mall and the Admitting Registration desk is toward the main entrance on your right.

  • What to Expect and Bring

    It is our goal to make sure your experience while at St. Dominic's Hospital is a positive one. From the minute you enter our Admissions Office until you are discharged and assisted to your car with all your belongings, we will strive to provide you with an exceptional encounter.

    Your physician should be very involved with your admission process. He or she will let you know about any restrictions you should follow and will provide any additional information you need the day before you are admitted. If you haven’t heard from your physician’s office, please call them and ask for any necessary instructions.

    In an effort to make your admissions process faster, we have provided an option for you to complete pre-registration either online or over the phone. Whether you are here for an outpatient procedure (going home the same day) or will be staying as an inpatient, pre-registration allows us to begin the paperwork for your admission and will likely eliminate several steps in the process. However, we will still need to gather additional information and get your signature on a number of items once you arrive.

    Please bring the following items with you:

    • An accurate list of all medications, vitamins and herbal supplements you are currently taking (this includes the strength of medication and how often you take it)
    • Please bring all medication bottles with you to the hospital
    • List of any known foods and/or drugs to which you are allergic
    • Your insurance cards
    • Photo ID or driver’s license
    • Power of Attorney or Living Will, if you have one
    • Any paperwork or instructions given to you by your physician
    • A list of any questions that you might have

    If you are being admitted as an inpatient, remember to bring:

    • A set of comfortable clothes (if you don’t need to be in a hospital gown)
    • Slippers
    • Personal care items