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St. Dominic’s Health Visiting Hours & Guidelines

Welcome to St. Dominic's

St. Dominic's main campus sits at the intersection of I-55 and Lakeland Drive (MS Hwy 25) in Jackson, Mississippi. From I-55, exit onto Lakeland Drive and proceed west to the first stoplight. From this light, guests can turn left or right to access St. Dominic's facilities.

North Campus includes Dominican Plaza, the Cancer Center and St. Dominic Chapel.

South Campus includes St. Dominic Hospital, the Emergency Department and the Medical Office Building.

Patient parking is available on both the north and south campuses.

Please review the information below for details on our current Visitor Guidelines and Visiting Hours.

Infection Prevention

When visiting a hospital, proper hand hygiene is crucial to prevent the spread of infections. Please follow these guidelines to protect yourself and others:

  1. Wash Your Hands: Always wash your hands before seeing a patient and after you leave. Use soap and water if available. In the absence of soap and water, use antibacterial foam from dispensers in each hospital room and hallways. Always wash hands:
    • Before and after visiting a patient
    • After coughing and sneezing
    • When hands are visibly dirty
    • After toilet use
  2. Avoid Touching: Never touch wounds, bandages, IV lines, catheters, or any tools used to treat the patient. Minimize contact with these items to prevent contamination.
  3. Stay Home if Sick: If you are feeling unwell or have symptoms of illness, it’s best to stay home. This helps protect both patients and healthcare workers.

Remember, clean hands count in maintaining a safe environment for everyone in the hospital. Thank for being mindful of infection prevention!

Visiting Hours:

General Patient Area:

  • Open except on certain units or in clinically necessary situations

Critical Care Areas:

  • Closed daily 6 a.m. - 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. for shift change

Visitors should not include children under age 12. If visiting a patient in an area where special personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary, such as COVID-positive patients or other patients requiring enhanced infection prevention, PPE is required to be worn within the patient care area for the duration of the visit. 

Refer to sections below for additional details and guidelines.

Visitation policy effective 4/8/24

Click the + icon next to each area for additional visitor guidance for specific areas of our hospital.

This information reflects the St. Dominic Hospital Visitation Policy effective 4/8/2024.

Finding a Patient

Guest Services staff at both the South Hospital Lobby and North Medical Mall Information Desks will be able to tell you the room number and directions to your loved one’s room. It is always a good idea to check in with the nursing station once you’ve arrived on the floor to be sure the person you are looking for is available and accepting visitors.

Dial directly into a patient’s room by calling 601-200+Room Number.