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Pediatric Sickle Cell Care

What is pediatric sickle cell care?

Pediatric hematologist-oncologists provide specialized care to children with a variety of blood disorders and cancers. Hematology, or diseases of the blood, might include sickle cell disease, hemophilia (free bleeders), anemia and other changes in the blood resulting in too many or too few cells.

We provide the latest in medical care and techniques to keep these children healthy and happy. From periodic screening of organ function to advanced supportive care to reduce stroke risk, our sickle cell patients benefit from a wide range of services and therapies. Excellent long-term and short-term care that allows the patient and family to maintain as normal a life, as free from crises as possible, is our goal. In addition to excellent clinical care, we offer select sickle cell patients the opportunity to enroll in safe, regulated and well-run clinical trials offering access to the latest in sickle cell treatment and care.

Sickle Cell Disease Doesn’t Slow Her Down

Six-year-old Kyliee requires monthly blood transfusions to treat her sickle cell disease, and her family is able to make the short trip each month to the St. Jude Baton Rouge Affiliate Clinic at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health in Baton Rouge.
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