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St. Dominic's Bariatric Surgery

Congratulations from the St. Dominic’s Bariatric Surgery team for being here to research your options for a new and healthy you. We encourage you to make life changing choices that will benefit your health and your body. If you read through these pages and would like to speak to someone about what your weight loss options are, please call (601) 200-6872

Our team of surgical specialists and coordinators has a combined experience of 36 years in providing patients the best possible outcomes for this surgery. We start with our free information sessions so that you can walk away knowing this your final weight loss solution.

Our surgeons follow their patients for life with an initial visit to discuss your health conditions and surgery preference, a preoperative appointment, post-surgery and then one appointment annually after recovery. This lifetime of follow up allows you to maintain good health and helps you stay on track.

Again, congratulations on the first step to a better you!

St. Dominic's Weight Loss Solutions Information Session