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Our Approach to Weight Loss

If weight loss is part of your personal plan to live a healthier, happier life, our health system is here for you. We offer both non-surgical and surgical options for weight loss, with a full range of options designed to help people lose weight. We offer medically supervised weight loss options in medical centers and hospitals.

Obesity Care in Greater Baton Rouge

Our Lady of the Lake Health partners with Pennington Biomedical Research Center in the Metamor Institute, which is uniquely focused on the advanced treatment of obesity and diabetes. Metamor is the first institute in the nation to offer an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to caring for individuals who suffer from these diseases in a single facility.

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Medical Weight Management in Greater Jackson

St. Dominic’s Weight Loss Solutions program is a medically supervised diet program. This program not only teaches you how to lose weight successfully but how to make those simple lifestyle changes permanently. Plus, you will have all the support of the weight loss team, which includes a physician, nurses and dietitians to keep your stay positive and focused on your goals.

St. Dominic’s Weight Loss Solutions

Incorporating Exercise in Greater Jackson

St. Dominic's Fitness Center sets the bar in the Jackson area as a leading fitness and wellness facility for individuals and families, St. Dominic’s employees and local businesses wanting to improve the health of their workforce. Not your typical health club, St. Dominic's Fitness Center is a medically based facility geared toward helping you reach and maintain an optimal level of health through safe exercise and strength training.

Surgical Weight Loss

People who are 100 or more pounds over their ideal weight are suffering from morbid obesity, and a surgical weight loss option may be the solution to improving their health. Bariatric surgery, typically either a restrictive procedure to reduce food intake or a malabsorption procedure that alters digestion, is available in several locations throughout our health system.

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Monroe Patient Feels Great After 100 Pound Weight Loss

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Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Health Weight & Nutrition Center

A parent’s first step should be to discuss any concerns about their child’s weight with their pediatrician who can look at recent growth trends, determine body mass index and decide if further intervention is recommended. For patients needing more, we provide specialized care and support as we work together to create healthy habits to last a lifetime.
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Dr. Katie Queen and Dr. Melissa Holland join us to discuss childhood obesity awareness and prevention

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