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Weight Management at St. Dominic’s

Lifestyle Skills, Not Just Diet Skills

With St. Dominic's Weight Loss Solutions, you'll do more than just learn how to lose weight. From the first day in the program, you'll start practicing specific strategies that will help you keep the weight off after you complete the program. In effect, weight-maintenance techniques are built into the plan!

Studies show that the fewer decisions you have to make about what to eat, the more likely it is you will lose weight. With St. Dominic's Weight Loss Solutions, you won't have to make any decisions about what to eat. You'll lose weight by using nutritionally complete, delicious meal replacements (filling weight-loss shakes and soups) instead of grocery store food. No complicated food lists. No extensive food preparation. No extra food shopping.

The St. Dominic's Weight Loss Solutions is unlike any plan you've tried before. The plan consists of plenty of delicious, healthful foods, along with lifestyle education that teaches you realistic ways to eat and live healthier long after you complete the program.

Why Choose St. Dominic's for Weight Loss?

  • Feel full with satisfying weight-loss shakes, soups, vegetables and fruits
  • Get complete nutrition, including essential protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Save money while losing weight by spending less on groceries and restaurant food

Improving health is an important goal of weight loss. Data shows dramatic improvements in overall health as a result of participating in the program and learning how to make sensible changes in diet and lifestyle.

At St. Dominic's Weight Loss Solutions, our trained and caring staff will help you lose weight, but more importantly, teach you the skills you'll need to make more healthful choices and choices you can continue to live with long after you complete the program and choices that can improve your health and quality of life.

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Our health system offers a full range of weight loss options, both surgical and non-surgical, to treat obesity.

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