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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

High-Risk Pregnancies

We offer maternal-fetal medicine expert care to address the unique challenges of high-risk births in Acadiana at Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s & Children’s Hospital and in Northeast Louisiana at St. Francis Medical Center.

To address the unique challenges of high-risk births, our maternal-fetal experts are highly trained OB-GYNs themselves but with additional formal education and clinical experience.

We offer Acadiana's only dedicated intensive care unit equipped to treat obstetric, medical, genetic and surgical complications that may occur during high-risk pregnancies. From screening and diagnostics to in-utero therapy, you’ll have access to our region’s most comprehensive array of services.

Whether in Lafayette or Monroe, you’ll be in the caring hands of physicians, nurses and sonographers who understand you may need to make tough decisions. They'll walk you through options and help you weigh the risks to yourself and your baby with the utmost compassion and patience.

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These frequently asked questions can help you prepare for childbirth in one of our birthing hospitals. If you have more questions, contact your provider.

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