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Pre-Surgery Clinic at St. Francis Health

Thank you for choosing to have your surgery or procedure at St. Francis Medical Center. Our goal is to make your surgical experience the very best possible. We request that you schedule a pre-surgery visit at our Pre-Surgery Clinic. This pre-surgery visit will help make sure everything is taken care of prior to your surgery or procedure.

St. Francis Pre-Operative Clinic

(located within the St. Francis P&S Surgery & Heart Center)
312 Grammont St., Suite 204
Monroe, LA 71201
(318) 388-4040

What to Expect at your Pre-Surgery Visit

A member of our pre-access team will call you to start the process. This includes obtaining insurance and other information that is needed in advance of your surgery. At this time, you will also be scheduled for a pre-surgery visit at our Pre-Surgery Clinic in order for us to perform testing. You will meet with the pre-surgery nurse/nurse practitioner for clinical assessment, medical history and teaching as ordered by your physician.

It is extremely important for you to pre-admit prior to surgery. By having your testing done several days prior to your procedure, any abnormal results are reported immediately to your physician so that he/she is able to make decisions for your care. Some of the most common tests ordered are lab work, EKG and chest X-ray, but other tests may be ordered by your physician.

Things to Bring to Pre-Surgery Clinic Visit

There are several items you will need to bring with you to your pre-surgery visit:

  • Your surgery envelope from your physician’s office, which contains:
    • Orders
    • Consent form
    • Instructions
    • Please complete the enclosed Patient Information form
  • Insurance Card
  • Home Medications
  • Driver’s License or Photo ID
  • Copy of Living Will and/or Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare (if you have one)
  • Cash, checkbook, credit card or other form of payment

How Long Will the Pre-Surgery Visit Take?

Each surgery pre-admission process varies based on the testing ordered by your physician. Following is a short list of items which may be required during your pre-surgery visit:

  • Registration
  • Chest X-ray Lab testing/blood work
  • EKG
  • Anesthesia visit*
  • Teaching/Assessment

Estimated Total Time: 70-90 minutes

*Not all cases require an anesthesia visit. In those cases, the anesthesiologist will visit the patient the morning of their surgery.

Please note: There are times when your physician may request your lab work be complete and results reported to him/her prior to you leaving the pre-surgery clinic.

It's Time for Surgery

Please arrive at the time instructed by your doctor, or 90 minutes to two hours before your surgery time. Next, you will be escorted to the pre-operative area, where you will be prepared for your procedure and interviewed by the anesthesiologist. After your IV is started and your preparation is complete, a limited number of family members will be allowed to stay with you until you are taken to the operating room. While you are in surgery, your family will sit comfortably in the waiting room and will be kept apprised of your progress throughout the procedure.

Recovering from Surgery

Immediately following your surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room while your doctor updates your family on your progress. One family member is permitted to stay with you in the recovery room after you are fully awake. If you are staying overnight with us, family members will be allowed to stay with you overnight in your room. Your family will also be given the direct phone number for your room. Upon discharge, please look around your room for any personal items. Please also ensure someone is driving you home.

Financial Arrangements

You will be asked to pay your estimated patient responsibility via phone and at the time of registration before services are rendered. If you are uninsured, please review our Financial Assistance Program. Make sure you have the financial means to cover your visit. For example, you may need to pay for unmet deductibles, copayments, unmet out-of-pocket expenses, self-pay deposits, transportation, meals and lodging.