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My Growth and Development

My Growth and Development

Career opportunities, learning, and other experiences that support professional and personal growth.

  • Education Assistance

    As a ministry, we recognize having opportunities to continue your education is a part of your professional well-being and we are committed to investing in your career progression. We want to help you grow and progress in your professional journey which is why we offer Education Assistance to support and encourage you to pursue opportunities to further your education.

    Eligible part-time and full-time team members who want to further their education in an effort to enhance their current skills or improve their future potential for growth can apply to be reimbursed for eligible educational expenses up to the maximum annual allowance which is $3,000 for a full-time team member and $1,500 for a part-time team member.

    For questions, contact askHR at or (833) 482-7547.


    Since 2022, FMOLHS has invested approximately $2.7 million in advancing our team members’ education and careers.

    Each year, FranU provides approximately $300,000 in total saving to our team members and their dependents.

  • Learning Opportunities

    We know healthcare is an ever-evolving industry and we want to help you stay informed of the latest developments. Each year, we ask our team to participate in required learning to honor our commitment to provide the safest care possible and to safeguard our ministry. This Annual Education takes place through computer-based learning modules.

    We have an extensive library of on demand learning through HealthStream, a digital platform, so you have access to courses to build communication skills and more. The courses can be accessed any time and can help prepare you with the skills you need for your next opportunity. To access HealthStream visit TeamLink and click on the blue "HealthStream" quick link.

  • Career Opportunities

    Whether you are already a team member with the health system or are an external candidate, we have opportunities that will allow you to grow and advance your career with us. Please visit our careers page and explore what opportunities are best for you.