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My Recognition

My Recognition

The formal and informal ways to appreciate and celebrate each other.

  • My Recognition Program

    Your Rewards, Personalized.
    You are the heart and hands of our ministry and the contributions you make to bring our mission to life are invaluable. We know recognizing you for the work you do and the personal milestones you experience with us is important to you. It’s important to us, too. The Total Rewards My Recognition Program is one way we formally recognize and celebrate our team members in a personalized way.

    How It Works
    Our program includes real-time acknowledgement for special celebratory milestones such as your birthday, your work anniversary and more. It features both points-based recognition rewards as well as personalized acknowledgement for special celebrations. As our program evolves, we will be adding new features along the way, with you and your feedback in mind.  In the My Recognition Program, there are flexible ways to redeem points you earn based on what’s important to you. By partnering with Awardco, we are able to provide you with a recognition platform that allows you to track the recognition you receive and be rewarded with points you determine how to spend. With a massive database of options, through Awardco you can redeem your points on Amazon items, transfer them to cash, purchase gift cards and more.

    Learn more about the program in the My Recognition Program Guide.


  • Franciscan Service Awards

    Based on the living tradition of St. Francis, we believe it is important to recognize team members whose exceptional service to patients, family members, coworkers, and community goes above and beyond the call of duty. This is the highest award a FMOLHS team member can receive and selection is based on how well the team member who is nominated lives up to the health system’s Mission and Core Values of Service, Reverence and Love for all of Life, Justice, Humility, and Joyfulness of Spirit.

    Through a defined procedure, team members who have demonstrated the highest commitment to living our Mission will be eligible to be considered for the Franciscan Service Award. Eligibility is dependent on the team member routinely exemplifying the FMOLHS Core Values and Behaviors as recognized by peers through a ministry-wide nomination process. Nominate a team member today on TeamLink.

  • Spirit Week

    Spirit Week is the week we dedicate to showing appreciation for our team members who work to fulfill our mission. It’s a week full of events and activities that demonstrate our ministry’s pride in team member accomplishments, contributions and dedication.

  • Service Awards

    We have an amazing team who deserves to be celebrated! As part of our My Recognition Program, we recognize team members each year when they celebrate a work anniversary with us. This personal acknowledgement is based on the date the team member was hired or started with our organization.

    While every anniversary year is special, it’s important to us to celebrate the big milestone years you reach with us. Those milestone years are 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35+. When you reach a milestone year, you are rewarded with points, through the My Recognition Program, that you can redeem however you'd like on the Awardco platform.