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My Benefits

Medical, dental, and vision coverage, life and disability insurance, and programs to help save for the future, such as 403(b) Retirement Plan. Visit the FMOLHS Virtual Benefits Fair to learn more about our benefit programs.

  • Benefit Eligibility

    All active full-time (0.8 to 1.0 FTE) and part-time (0.5 - 0.79 FTE) team members are eligible for benefits with FMOLHS.

  • Health Insurance

    Health coverage is one of the most important benefits for you and your family. Health benefits provide significant value through support for and protection against potentially large financial expenses, as well as covering preventive care. We are committed to the health and wellness of our team members by offering comprehensive health care plans. The health plan you choose will be in place until the new year, unless you have a qualifying family status change. Our health insurance plans are administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

    There are three health plan options available to team members:

    • The EPO Plan
    • The PPO Plan
    • HDHSA Plan

    Each of these plans are designed to provide you with coverage options that best suit you and your family’s healthcare needs. To learn more about each plan, including premium pricing and coverage details, please reference the Team Member Guide to Benefits

    Just Premium

    Through a program called “Just Premium”, we offer team members who apply and qualify for financial assistance based on total household income the opportunity to reduce their health plan premiums. Based on the team members total household income (adjusted gross income) and the number of dependents you claim on your Federal Individual Income Tax Return, team members may be eligible to receive a higher subsidy to improve affordability and access to coverage. Details about the just premium application process are communicated each open enrollment period. To apply for Just Premium, download and complete the application and submit it to

    For more resources regarding our health network, visit the Navigating Our Network section below.

  • Navigating Our Network

    We understand the importance of finding a healthcare provider that best meets the needs of you and your family. Our Network Guides are available to help you navigate our FMOLHS customized network. Whether it be our EPO network or our PPO Tier 1 or Tier 2 network, our Network Guides can help you find a provider, assist with scheduling an appointment with network Primary Care Physicians, and check availability of specialty service in our network.

    Call (855) 875-6265 to access our Network Guides. Our Network Guides are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

    Customized Provider Directory - Current plan members can see the most current list of the network online by visiting or by calling Blue Cross Blue Shield Customer Service at (833) 468-3594.

  • Dependent Verification

    You must submit dependent verification documents by the deadline for any newly enrolled and previously unverified dependents enrolled in the Health, Dental or Vision plans or their coverage will be terminated.

    New Hires/Newly Eligible Enrollment and Dependent Verification Deadline: Complete your benefit enrollment and submit complete dependent verification documentation within 30 calendar days of your eligibility date. (e.g., New hire date: May 1, Document deadline: May 30).

    Open Enrollment and Dependent Verification Deadline: Complete your benefit enrollment and submit complete dependent verification documentation by November 15. 

    Dependent Documents Required/Accepted
    Natural Child Birth Certificate; For newborns, birth letter from hospital
    Step Child Birth Certificate and verification of current marriage between our employee and natural parent (see spouse verification below)
    Adopted Child/Child Placed for Adoption Adoption Certificate/placement letter from court or adoption agency for pending adoptions
    Foster Child Proof of Legal Custody, such as a court order
    Child covered under a QMCSO Copy of QMCSO
    Grandchild Proof of Legal Custody and copy of tax return that identifies grandchild as a dependent
    Spouse Marriage Certificate; AND current or previous year tax return OR proof of current joint ownership (such as a joint mortgage, joint rental agreement, joint bank account, etc.)

    FMOLHS reserves the right to audit dependent verification documents at any time.

    After enrollment is complete in your Oracle Self Service, download the required documents to your 'To Do' list. For more information on Dependent Verification, please reference these frequently asked questions.

  • Prescription

    The prescription drug program we offer is administered through Express Scripts (ESI). Your cost is determined by the tier assigned to the prescription drug product. All prescription drug products on the prescription drugs list (Express Scripts National Preferred Formulary) are assigned as Generic, Preferred, Non-Preferred and Specialty. You may contact ESI for information on your benefit coverage and search for network pharmacies by logging on to

    Medication Copay Savings and Personal Service Offered Through RxONE

    RxONE is our FMOLHS-owned, in-house pharmacy, where you will receive reduced copays for prescriptions including mail order/90-day prescriptions and specialty medications. In addition to discounts, RxONE offers team members personal service through their in-store or curbside delivery options, faster fill times, immunizations and ease of access to our pharmacists. Take advantage of these cost savings and personalized service offers by selecting RxONE as your pharmacy of choice. Find a Location here.

    FMOLHS has partnered with our Pharmacy Benefit Manager, ESI and SaveOnSP, to provide a copay assistance benefit for certain specialty medications. Under this copay assistance benefit, certain specialty prescription drugs on the formulary have been classified as non-essential health benefits (NEHBs). An NEHB classification does not mean these drugs are unimportant to a member. Members who are prescribed a specialty medication must enroll in the copay assistance program with SaveOn and are required to fill the specialty medication at RxONE. If a member does not enroll in the copay assistance program they will be responsible for the full required coinsurance for the NEHB drugs even after their out-of-pocket maximum has been satisfied. Any coinsurance paid for these medications will not apply to any deductible under the plan or their out-of-pocket maximum.

    The most recent medications on the formulary included in the benefit change can be found on the ESI website.

    SaveOnSP will contact a member directly to enroll in the benefit if they are prescribed one of the included specialty medications. If a member has questions, they can contact SaveOnSP at (800) 683-1074.

  • Flexible Spending Account

    We offer our team members the ability to set aside money through payroll deductions on a pre-tax basis to a Medical Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This account allows you to pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses, such as deductibles, copays, coinsurance, prescribed medications, dental expenses, vision expenses, Lasik and more. By paying for these expenses with pre-tax dollars, you reduce the amount of your taxable income and increase your take-home pay. Any dollars in an FSA account at the end of the calendar year must be used or you will forfeit those dollars.

    For those team members enrolled in a Health Savings Account (HSA), a Limited use Flexible Spending Account (LUFSA) is available to use for reimbursement of eligible dental and vision expenses. If you enroll in the HSA account and also enroll in the Medical FSA, the Medical FSA automatically becomes a Limited use FSA.

    You can set aside up to the IRS established limit each calendar year in payroll deductions.


    Effective January 1, 2024, FMOLHS will be transitioning from Payflex to Voya Financial as the administrator for the Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA/LUFSA). As part of this transition, your 2023 account balance will transfer to Voya.

    Support Resources:

    Click here to view the FAQs

    For account questions or claims submitted on or before December 14, 2023, visit Payflex at or contact their Customer Contact Center at (844) 729-3539. Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 7:00 am -7:00 pm and Saturday, 9:00 am -2:00 pm (CST). For account questions or claims submitted after December 14, 2023, visit Voya at or contact their Customer Contact Center at (833) 232-4673. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    For more information on how to access your FSA through the Voya app, click here.


  • Health Saving Account

    For those team members enrolled in the High Deductible Health Savings Account medical plan and who meet certain other requirements for eligibility, we offer the ability to take charge of your health care spending with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Contributions made to an HSA are tax free and withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are tax free. Your HSA funds can be used for qualified expenses, including those of your spouse and/or taxable dependent(s), even if they are not covered by your plan. Voya is the administrator of the HSA and will issue a debit card which gives you direct access to your account balance which allows you to use the debit card to pay for qualifying medical expenses.

    For those team members who enroll in the plan, there are two ways to fund your account. We will provide an annual employer contribution to your HSA account in the amount of $750 for employee only coverage or $1,500 for family coverage. In addition to the employer contribution, you can make your own contributions to your HSA account up to the IRS limit. For 2024, individual contributions are limited to $3,400 for employee only and $6,800 for family coverage.

    Effective January 1, 2024, FMOLHS will be transitioning from Payflex to Voya Financial as the administrator for the Health Savings Account (HSA). As part of this transition, you will have the option to transfer your current assets to an account at Voya.

    Support Resources:

    • Links FAQs
    • For account questions or claims submitted on or before February 21, 2024, visit Payflex at or contact their Customer Contact Center at (844) 729-3539. Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 7:00 am -7:00 pm and Saturday, 9:00 am -2:00 pm (CST).


    For more information on how to access your HSA through the Voya app, click here.

  • Dental Insurance

    Proper dental care plays an important role in your overall health. We offer dental plans that are designed to encourage preventive treatment, allowing team members to achieve oral health while striving to minimize dental costs. The dental plans are administered by Delta Dental.

    The dental plans allow you to visit any licensed dentist, but by taking advantage of the nationwide PPO network you will maximize the value of the plan. You can search the Delta Dental PPO network for a dentist near you by visiting the Delta Dental Dentist Directory.

    There are two options for Dental Coverage:

    • The Basic Dental Option – This plan offers reduced semi-monthly premiums, has less coverage for major dental services and a reduced maximum limit. It does not include orthodontia coverage. For those of you with basic dental needs throughout the calendar year, this plan may be better.
    • The Buy Up Dental Option – While this dental plan has higher semi-monthly premiums, it offers higher coverage for major dental services, includes orthodontia coverage, and has a higher annual maximum limit. This plan may be better suited for those with moderate to major dental service needs throughout the calendar year.
  • Vision Insurance

    The health of your eyes is an indicator of overall health. Regular eye exams can detect diseases like glaucoma, diabetes, and loss of sight. Vision benefits allow for access to quality vision care. To ensure that you and your family will get the vision care you need, FMOLHS offers two comprehensive vision benefits plans provided by EyeMed. Providers in the EyeMed Vision Care network offer the lowest out-of-pocket costs, and your copayments will be paid directly to the provider. To find a network provider, log on to and select provider locator. If you have questions about your vision benefits, please contact EyeMed at (866) 804-0982.

    For discounts for various services through EyeMed, click here.

  • Life Insurance

    Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) is an essential part of your future financial security. We provide a basic life insurance benefit equal to 1.5 times your basic annual earnings up to a maximum of $50,000. This benefit is provided at no cost to you. If you are eligible (0.5 – 1.0 FTE) you are automatically enrolled in Basic Life insurance through Lincoln National Insurance Company.

  • Short Term Disability Insurance

    We provide Short Term Disability insurance at no cost to benefit eligible team members (0.5 – 1.0 FTE). Short Term Disability insurance provides protection for a portion of your income if you become partially or totally disabled for a short period of time. For frequently asked questions, download our FAQ

    Type Group Short Term Disability
    Coverage Amount Up to 60% of Basic Annual Earnings
    Who Pays Company Pays Full Cost
    When Benefits Are Payable Following 7 Days of Illness or Injury
    Maximum Benefit Duration 12 Weeks

    *Certain exclusions may apply. Please refer to TeamLink for full policy details.

    To file a claim:

  • Long Term Disability

    We offer Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance to full-time benefit eligible team members (0.8 – 1.0 FTE) through Lincoln Financial Group. This coverage protects a portion of your income if you become partially or totally disabled for a long period of time. There are two types of coverage offered, Group Core LTD and Group Buy-Up LTD.

    Type Group Core LTD Group Buy-Up LTD
    Coverage Amount 50% of Basic Monthly Salary 60% of Basic Monthly Salary
    Who Pays Employee & Company Share Cost Employee Pays Full Cost
    When Benefits Are Payable Following 90 Days of Disability Following 90 Days of Disability
    Maximum Monthly Benefit $3,000 per Month $10,000 per Month
    When Evidence of Insurability is Required Any Election After Original Enrollment Period Any Election After Original Enrollment Period

    Payments last as long as you are disabled or until you reach your Social Security Normal Retirement Age, whichever is sooner. Any other benefits you receive (such as Social Security, Workers’ Compensation, pension benefits, or benefits from any similar act or plan) will reduce your LTD benefit amount. Certain exclusions, as well as pre-existing condition limitations, may apply.

  • Voluntary Critical Illness

    Critical Illness coverage is a benefit offered by Lincoln to benefit eligible team members as an affordable way to protect against unexpected serious illnesses. In those situations, the last thing you want to worry about is bills. With Critical Illness insurance, you can get a cash benefit even if you’re receiving benefits from other insurance and can use the cash for anything you want or need. See our Benefits at a Glance.

    Visit for questions or call (855) 818-2883.

  • Voluntary Accident

    Eligible team members can enroll in Voluntary Accident Insurance and receive cash for accidental injuries and can decide the best way to spend it. As an employer offered benefit, you receive lower rates for coverage. See our benefits at a glance.

    Visit for questions or call (855) 818-2883.

  • Voluntary Term Life Insurance

    We provide you with the opportunity to purchase additional term life insurance in addition to your Basic Life and AD&D. Benefit eligible team members can enroll in this Voluntary Term Life Insurance plan and the coverage is portable if you leave the health system. See our Lincoln and Voluntary Life Plan Overview.

    Type Voluntary Employee Life Voluntary Spouse Life Voluntary Dependent Life
    When You Can Enroll

    Team members who are within their first 30 days of eligibility may enroll through Oracle Employee Self-Service.

    Team members may enroll in $10,000 increments up to a maximum of $150,000.

    During annual Open Enrollment, if you are currently enrolled, you may add $10,000 or $20,000 of coverage.

    Team members who are within their first 30 days of eligibility may enroll through Oracle Employee Self-Service.

    You may maintain or term your coverage.

    You must be enrolled in Voluntary Employee Life in order to elect Spouse coverage.

    Spouse coverage amount cannot exceed the employee’s elected coverage amount.

    During annual Open Enrollment, if enrolled you may maintain or term your coverage.

    Team members who are within their first 30 days of eligibility may enroll through Oracle Employee Self-Service

    You must be enrolled in Voluntary Employee Life to elect Dependent Coverage.

    During annual Open Enrollment, if enrolled you may maintain or term your coverage.

    Coverage Amount $10,000 Increments $10,000 Increments $10,000
    Maximum Benefit $150,000 Initial Enrollment $30,000 $10,000

    Visit for questions or call (855) 818-2883.

  • Retirement & Financial Planning

    The financial health of our team members is very important to us. That is why we invest in our team members futures by offering a 403(b) retirement plan, administered by Lincoln Financial Group, that automatically provides a core contribution equal to 2% of pay into each team member’s account. In addition to the core contribution, FMOLHS also provides a 50% matching contribution for each dollar an eligible team member contributes to the 403(b) retirement plan, up to the first 6% (3% maximum match). This means that you could receive up to a 5% contribution from FMOLHS! To receive this annual employer contribution, you must have worked at least 1,000 hours in the calendar year and be employed on the last calendar day of the year.

    Team members can join at any time once they become eligible. Their contribution will be automatically set at 4% of pay but they can change that at any time through the Lincoln Financial website. Increasing your retirement plan contributions have never been easier with Lincoln’s auto increase feature. Learn more by clicking here

    Team members can go to to register or log into their existing account to update beneficiaries, change their contributions, or manage their investments. The health system also provides access to a personal retirement consultant with Lincoln Financial Group. Team Members can schedule an appointment online to set up a time or place that is most convenient for them.

    To update your retirement beneficiary in Oracle, click here.

  • 2024 Health Plan Network Update

    The FMOLHS customized network (EPO and PPO Tier 1 and 2) is designed to drive care to providers employed by the health system or who are partners of the health system. By using providers and facilities in the FMOLHS customized network, we are helping to preserve the future of our organization and our mission. These providers are aligned with our high quality of care standards and are clinically integrated with our electronic medical record system allowing sharing of data between providers.

    Today, services provided by any of the impacted providers are considered in network under the EPO Plan and Tier 2 under the PPO and HDHSA Plans. Beginning January 1, 2024, they will be out of network (no coverage) under the EPO Plan and will be Tier 3 coverage for the PPO/HDHSA Plans. We encourage you to begin reviewing the FMOLHS network if you wish to change providers.

    Click here to view a list of impacted providers.

    Adjustments to our benefits, especially those impacting our team member’s healthcare, are undertaken with careful discernment. Changes are only made when they align with our Mission and Values. This decision was made with insight and approval from our individual market leadership and with our team members in mind. We are confident in asking team members and their family to choose FMOLHS providers, which benefits the ministry, team members and their families.

    Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions. Network Guides and askHR are available to answer any questions you have. Our Network Guides can be reached at (855) 875-6265 and askHR can be reached at (833) 482-7547 or

  • Voluntary Hospital Indemnity

    Hospital Indemnity Insurance plan is available to all team members. This voluntary plan is provided by Lincoln Financial Group and provides supplemental payments associated with a hospital stay that you can use for any purpose, including mortgage/rent payments, utilities, childcare, copayments, coinsurance and deductibles. Hospital Indemnity Insurance can help pay for out-of-pocket costs associated with a hospital stay. It pays both admission and daily benefits for these stays. If you elect this insurance, you’ll pay for coverage through payroll deductions. See our benefits at a glance.

    Visit for questions or call (855) 818-2883.

Benefits Resources