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My Health and Well-being

My Health and Well-being

Program, activities, and resources designed to enhance physical, financial, and emotional well-being. For more information regarding these programs, contact askHR at 833-482-7547,, or Healthy Lives at 855-426-4325,

  • Paid Time Off

    Benefit eligible team members accrue paid time off immediately after their employment begins. This PTO plan combines vacation, individual sick days, and personal days into one account to give you maximum flexibility in scheduling time away from work.

    Years of Service Hours Days
    0-4 Years 132 Hours 16.5 Days
    5-9 Years 156 Hours 19.5 Days
    10-14 Years 180 Hours 22.5 Days
    15-19 Years 204 Hours 25.5 Days
    20-24 Years 228 Hours 28.5 Days
    25 Years + 252 Hours 31.5 Days
  • PTO Sell Back

    To assist with managing PTO accrual balances, team members may elect, during an annual sell back period, to “sell back” future PTO accruals. The combination of PTO accruals and PTO sell back accruals will not exceed 328 hours. Hours in excess of 328 will not be paid out.

  • PTO Estimator

    Team members can use the PTO Sell Back Estimator Tool to assist in determining how much PTO to sell back.

  • Holidays

    Separate from the PTO program, FMOLHS grants eligible team members holiday benefit time for those holidays recognized by the health system. Because of organizational needs, not every team member will be able to take time off on the recognized holidays. Therefore, team members who are not afforded time off on recognized holidays are allowed to take an alternative holiday at a time approved by their leader and in accordance with the policy. The FMOLHS recognized holidays are: New Year’s, Good Friday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The amount of time off an eligible team member is afforded for holiday observance is determined according to their FTE status.

    FTE Status Holiday Benefit Time per Recognized Holiday
    0.5 - 0.599 FTE 50% of the 1.0 FTE (4 hours)
    0.6 - 0.699 FTE 60% of the 1.0 FTE (4.8 hours)
    0.7 - 0.799 FTE 70% of the 1.0 FTE (5.6 hours)
    0.8 - 0.899 FTE 80% of the 1.0 FTE (6.4 hours)
    0.9 - 0.999 FTE 90% of the 1.0 FTE (7.2 hours)
    1.0 FTE 8 hours
  • Leave of Absence

    Bereavement Leave
    In the event a benefit-eligible team member experiences the death of an immediate family member, they are granted bereavement leave for up to three days (or 24 hours). Bereavement leave is paid at the eligible team member’s current base rate of pay based on their designated FTE status.

    Jury Duty
    Any team member who has to take time off to serve on a local, state, or federal jury in response to a jury summons may be eligible for jury compensation from the health system. Jury service compensation will be paid to eligible team members only if the jury service occurs during a regularly scheduled work shift and will be paid at the regular base rate for those scheduled work shifts.

    Process for Requesting a Leave of Absence
    All requests for leaves of absence must be reported at least 30 days in advance of a planned absence. We understand emergencies arise. For an unplanned absence, report as soon as you’re aware that you’ll be absent for 4 consecutive days for a sickness, injury, or other leave reasons.

    The Lincoln Financial Group offers a self-service website, where team members can easily submit a claim by following the process below.

    1. Log in to First time users will need to register using our company code FMOLHS.
    2. Select a Claim or Leave and answer a few questions.
      • You will need your employee identification number
      • Include the reason and dates of your absence, and if applicable, physician diagnosis information.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. You’ll need your claim or leave number to view your status for the first time. A PDF of the information you submitted will be available for you to easily save to your records.
    5. Check the status of you claim online at

    For more information on the Leave of Absence Process review the materials below:


  • Team Member Discounts

    Access Perks is our team member discount program. Our program allows you to save money and earn rewards just for being a team member of FMOLHS. All team members are automatically enrolled in the program at no cost and are eligible to receive discounts on purchases from over 350,000 local and national merchants across numerous categories.

    While you can download the Access Perks App, you will first need to register your account on a desktop by going to Your member ID number will be the first two letters of your first name and your employee ID number. After you create your account, you can download the app, log in using the email address and password you set up on your desktop, and start accessing your discounts.

    For more information on how to create an account, click here (Link as a Total Rewards link to Access Perks Instructions document).

    Other Discounts Available to Team Members:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Life can be tough. When your responsibilities start to feel overwhelming and showing up each day with a smile on your face seems difficult, it’s important to reach out for help. You can lean on your free and confidential EAP for support. As a free benefit from the health system, the EAP can help you or anyone in your household:

    • Be more present and productive at work
    • Receive support when you don’t feel like yourself
    • Get help with responsibilities that are distracting or stressful
    • Grow personal and career skills
    • Be a caring, loving friend or family member
    • Receive care after a traumatic event or diagnosis
    • Make healthy lifestyle choices
    • Improve and inspire daily life

    The health system partners with New Directions to provide EAP services to team members and their families. Available services include:

    • Counseling (in-person, telephonic, or text messaging), through Better Help
    • Consultation for financial, legal or life needs as well as managing team members
    • Crisis support
    • Coaching
    • Adult and childcare resources
    • Personal and professional training
    • Digital behavioral health tools
      • MyStrength Screening Tool – a tool to help you find support to improve your emotional health. Through self-paced activities, health trackers, inspirations and more than 2,000 pieces of helpful content, this tool can help you reach your goals and maximize your overall well-being. Click here for more information on this tool and how to start using it.

    You can download the New Directions EAP app, visit and log in using company code “FMOLHS” or call (800) 624-5544 to get assistance or access available resources.

  • Health and Wellness Program

    Get Rewarded for Engaging in Your Health and Wellness
    We have enhanced our wellness program to provide you with a more streamlined wellness experience and give you more opportunities to get rewarded for participating in health and well-being activities.

    How It Works:
    You will be able to earn points for engaging in health and wellness activities. Each point you earn is worth $1 with the chance to earn up to 550 points or $550 throughout the year! Best of all, you can redeem your points every month.

    We know the relationship you have with your Primary Care Provider (PCP) is important and they are an essential partner to help you navigate your health. In this expanded program, Healthy Lives will no longer conduct your annual wellness screening. Instead, you will visit your PCP for your annual wellness exam, including biometrics (height, weight, and waist measurement), lab work and complete your Health Risk Assessment (Know Your Number) questionnaire to redeem any of your earned points.

    You will still have access to the Healthy Lives Program to earn points for one-on-one coaching sessions and participating in wellness challenges.

    To learn more about the 2024 Health and Wellness Program, use the resources available below:

    Our Health & Well-being program has been named Best Incentive Program by Awardco. We recognize our team members have unique approaches to their health, and we help them prioritize their health and wellness journeys. Our award-winning program provides streamlined experiences and rewards team members for participating in activities that promote physical, mental, professional, spiritual health and more.

  • Healthy Lives Wellness Program

    Healthy Lives is our wellness partner that offers one-on-one health coaching to guide you on your health journey. Meeting with a Healthy Lives coach can earn you points toward your Physical Well-being rewards in the 2024 Health and Wellness Program to redeem each month.

  • Musculoskeletal Health

    The Healthy Lives Musculoskeletal (MSK) Health Program powered by Kinesics is a customizable flexibility and mobility program that is 100% unique to your body. The MSK Health Program helps identify and address your personalized needs by improving balance and mobility. Team members can schedule an appointment for a full range of motion evaluation and a one-on-one results review with an MSK professional.

  • PayActiv

    We understand the financial burdens of ‘pay day’ and other high-interest loans and continue to look for opportunities to support the financial health and well-being of our team members. We are pleased to introduce PayActiv, an alternative solution to the vicious high-interest loan cycle for our team members. PayActiv is a financial solution that offers instant and timely access to earned but unpaid wages to help avoid costly loans and fees while saving for other expenses at the same time.

    What can PayActiv do for you?

    • Access to Earned Wages: PayActiv allows you to access up to 50% of the money you’ve earned but haven’t yet been paid between paychecks. It’s not a loan so there is no interest, only a minimal administrative fee and is a great alternative to a ‘pay day’ loan.
    • Financial Counseling: Stressed with financial worries? PayActiv will connect you with a financial counselor at NO cost.
    • Budgeting and Planning Tools: Through a combination of self-paced learning and 1-1 financial counseling with trained coaches, PayActiv can help develop useful financial habits and learn important saving strategies.
    • PayActiv TurboTax Discount

    Enrolling is simple!

    Click here to view a 90-second how-to instructional video. 

    Have questions about PayActiv?

    For additional questions or assistance with enrolling, contact PayActiv by calling (877) 747-5862.

  • Team Member Financial Assistance Resources

    The following resources are available to support team members within the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System as part of our commitment to be a healing and spiritual presence for each other.

    Financial well-being and stability are a foundational component to thriving for any human person. Our team members, by virtue of their employment within FMOLHS, are gifted with the ability to work toward financial stability through the following ministry programs:

    Faith Fund:

    For team members who were previously financially taken advantage of with high interest rate loans, FMOLHS is offering a micro-lending alternative through Faith Fund to allow team members to break the cycle of poverty and free themselves of these high interest loans. With financial education a cornerstone of the program, participants make better decisions and achieve new leases on life.

    Criteria for eligibility:

    • Must be employed with for at least 12 months – contract workers are eligible
    • Must make at least $18,000 per year
    • Must not be in an active bankruptcy
    • Must set up direct deposit for repayment

    If you are interested in applying for financial assistance through Faith Fund, you can choose from the following to apply:

    1. Email with your name, phone number, email address, and the best way and time to reach you.
    2. Log in to
    3. Call one of the Financial First Responder Representatives by phone at (504) 889-9072
    4. Go to and on the drop-down box choose The Faith Fund

    Team Member Assistance Fund:

    FMOLHS recognizes that team members suffering from an emergency or other unfortunate circumstance frequently endure excessive hardship and stress due to increased financial obligations and possible diminished income. FMOLHS has established a Team Member Assistance Fund (TMAF) to help provide episodic and short-term financial aid to those qualified team members when appropriate and according to established protocols and guidelines.

    How to apply for assistance?

    • Submit an application and required documentation to or turn into Pastoral Care at our local ministries.
    • After the team member submits all required documentation and the application, a representative from HOPE Ministries will contact the team member to complete the financial assessment.
    • The TMAF Committee will review a summary of the assessment and render a decision.
    • Within 48 hours, a representative from HOPE Ministries will follow up with the team member to discuss the final decision regarding the application.