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Our Patients

Our PatientsOur health system seeks to help our patients live well, and to succeed we keep our patients at the center of our business decisions. It requires consistently finding and nurturing long-term relationships in all communities we serve. We are continually reaching out and connecting with all types of people, helping to meet the mental, physical, and spiritual needs of people of color, people with unique accessibility needs, veterans and others.

Our goals include enhancing safety, health outcomes and patient experience, and improving patient-provider communication and relationships. We are leveraging our ministry’s diversity in an inclusive way to lead to better efficiencies and providing exceptional experiences for all patients entrusted to our care.

The structural tactics being used in our focus on patient care include increasing the collection, stratification and use of race, ethnicity, language preference and other sociodemographic data to improve quality and safety, increasing cultural competency training to ensure responsive care, improving and strengthening community partnerships to support our patients, investing financial resources to address patients facing health disparities, and establishing metrics, benchmarks and goals to ensure we are investing in the areas most beneficial to the populations we serve.

Advocating change to end health disparities and systemic racism.

Our health system will leverage our united and powerful voice to advocate changes that eliminate health disparities and systemic racism. We will advocate policies that ensure access to quality health care services for all; end racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes; promote and improve the delivery of culturally competent care; and increase the diversity of the healthcare work force. We will oppose policies that exacerbate or perpetuate economic and social inequities as they greatly contribute to health disparities and systemic racism. We will call for changes to policies that shape people’s lives—education, housing, nutrition, criminal justice reform and the environment—so that every man, woman and child in our society may flourish.

Social determinants of health module piloted in the electronic medical record

Quality and safety data analysis, including outcomes by demographics

Role specific education around DEI and patient care

Community program partnerships

Imago Dei

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