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Your Impact in Northeast Louisiana

Philanthropy is powerful, and your generosity can influence health and wellness in northeast Louisiana. With the overwhelming support of our community, businesses and individual donors, the Foundation raises funds to help purchase state-of-the-art equipment and technology, buildout and/or renovate infrastructure to support critical services for our region and perpetuate and enhance the comprehensive scope of services for St. Francis Medical Center.

Every donation is a lifesaving gift that allows us to continue to fulfill the critical healthcare needs of our community and our region. St. Francis Medical Center is your hospital and without your support this level of specialized services and care could be at risk.


"The Foundation is a channel by which the community and hospital together can provide the support and guidance necessary to sustain and perpetuate quality healthcare services at St. Francis. I cannot envision this community without St. Francis Medical Center.” — Aimee Kane, Foundation President

Donations at Work

The St. Francis Medical Center Foundation is currently celebrating its 10th year of serving families and individuals in our region. We are honored to work to support the outstanding, high-level healthcare services of St. Francis Medical Center and have been blessed to receive outstanding support from our communities. Since its inception, the foundation has raised more than $4.5 million to support women’s, children’s and critical care services at St. Francis through vital equipment, technology and infrastructure projects such as: