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Volunteer Services

Thank you for your interest in becoming a St. Dominic's Hospital Volunteer.

St. Dominic's Volunteer Application

Please follow the steps below to complete your orientation.

  1. Print the Orientation Signature Page and Information Systems Security Agreement.
  2. Please review our Annual Education and Code of Conduct documents and watch our HIPAA Video.
  3. Review the attached COVID-19 training.
  4. Watch the Catholic Social Teaching Video.
  5. Watch the St. Dominic's Documentary to learn more about our hospital.
  6. We will be setting an appointment for you to have a background check, TB Test and Influenza vaccination. Please have your Driver's License and one of the following: Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or Passport when you arrive for your orientation at Volunteer Services. These documents must be originals; no copies. The TB Test and Influenza vaccination are mandatory to be a volunteer in our hospital. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to have a parent or guardian sign the Minor Permission form.
  7. Turn in the Orientation Signature form and Information Systems Security Agreement on your next visit to Volunteer Services.
  8. Review the New Directions benefits

If you have any complications, please call Volunteer Services at (601) 200-6739.